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Morning meditation

I know many people underestimate the morning meditation urging themselves to start a new day with new challenges as soon as possible. People wake up and immediately jump to e-mails, TV news, plans for the day, parental obligations… But no matter how tight your schedule is, five-minute meditation can set the tone for the whole day and relief you from many unnecessary worries. Just 5 minutes, and you become more effective, more successful, and happier.

The morning hours are the most fruitful. Your mind is clear, your body is rested, and the right way of thinking can increase your energy, enhance awareness, and even promote healing. Choose an audio record on our network and start your new day with positive thoughts!

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Yoga in my life

I started this network just a few months ago, and I am really happy to see you here. All of you who appreciate yoga and its healing power. For me, yoga is more than movement. It is a way of life, it is a way towards healing. It helps you get physical benefits, but what is even more important, it also corrects your system of thoughts enlightening the way towards happiness. And I am very proud to go along this way together with you.

There is no other medicine in the world that can be so helpful as yoga and the whole philosophy behind it. Whether you are struggling with physical issues like I used to, or with any stressful period of your life, yoga can show you the way to overcome the obstacles and find the willpower to solve any problem.

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